We'll Book Your Next 3 Sales Calls For FREE Completely Done-For-You

And If You Like Those Calls, We Can Book You An Extra 6-10 Calls Every Month GUARANTEED

We'll Set-Up The Entire Outreach System: Build The Lead List, Write The Emails, and Book Meetings For You.

Are You An Business Struggling with

Lead Flow

Is lead flow in your agency currently inconsistent? Are some months better than others in terms of getting new leads?

Reliant On Referrals

Are referrals and word of mouth the only way you get new business in through the door? Do you want new ways to get clients without soley relying on word of mouth?

Lack Of

Do you not have the time to try different acquisition channels? Do you want to try new ways to get meetings on your calendar but just are busy running your agency?

Why Work With Gamic Media

No Insanely Large Set-Up Fees or Large Monthly Retainers.

Hyper Targeted Lead Lists

We'll build you a list of whoever you want to work with depending on company headcount, revenue, location, industry and much more.

Tailored Solutions:

We understand that not every business is the same. Hence, our approach is entirely customized to align with your objectives, audience, and industry.

Steady Lead Flow:

Parterning with us guarantees a dependable stream of qualified leads, thanks to our refined methods and continuous optimization efforts.

Efficiency and Resource Optimization:

Entrusting your lead generation to us grants you the freedom to use your time and resources towards core business functions, knowing that part of your business is in capable hands.

Seasoned Expertise:

Our team possesses extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in anything cold email and lead generation related that has come, through years of dedicated practice.

Transparent Performance Tracking:

With our analytics and reporting tools, you gain full insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns, helping you to maximize returns.

Get Your 3 Free Calls

Here's a quick overview of what happens when you start working with us.

The first step is to fill out a on-boarding form. We'll use this form to build you your list of your ideal prospects and do research into what their pain points and desires are.

Second, we'll do the tech set-up and build the technical parts of the outbound infrastructure. This includes domains, emails, automations, etc.

Finally, once the emails have been warmed up and we've done the necessary research we'll launch the campaigns and start booking meetings on your calendar!

$270,000 Added To Revenue In 8 Months

"Working with you has single-handedly grown and kept my company alive.
Working with you, we've gotten such a consistent lead flow. We've gotten so many opportunities and incredible clients.
I can't even count how many clients we've gotten directly from your efforts" -
Deepak | CEO Deep Social Brands

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What's Included

100% DFY Lead Generation Services

✅Lead List Of Your Ideal Customers
✅Cold Email Copywriting
✅Cold Email Response Handling and Booking
✅Maintenance of Outbound Infrastructure
✅Bi-Weekly Client Calls and Weekly Performance Reporting

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About Us

We're Gamic Media, we initially we started off as a Facebook ads agency that was able to book meetings for themselves using cold email.
We quickly realized however that many other marketing agencies struggle with lead generation and from there we shifted our focus into helping them solve this major bottle neck.


Here are some common questions we get regarding our services.

We use a variety of strategies to ensure the quality of leads generated for our clients. This includes thorough research and targeting to identify prospects who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. We also use personalized messaging and value propositions to engage prospects. Finally you only pay for the leads that are qualified, so even if they bypass our process you don't lose any money.

We can work with clients across a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and so many more. Using our variety of different databases allows us to tailor our lead generation strategies to suit the unique needs and requirements of each industry.

We work on a performance-based model, no large set-up fees or huge monthly retainers. Please a book a call and we can walk you through how our pricing structure would work for you.

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