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How We Helped Deep Social Brands Add $270,000 In Revenue and $54k In Just 8 Months Using Military-Grade Outbound

Without Using Word Of Mouth or Using Paid Ads

Case Study

Deep Social Brands

$270,000 Added To Revenue And $54k In MRR In 8 Months

Client Before Situation:
Deep Social Brands is a organic short-form content agency that were relying on inbound leads, referrals and word of mouth to acquire new clients.

What We Did:
We first figured out their ideal client profile. Then we created an appealing offer based on their value proposition. Finally, we reached out to those prospects using our outbound system.

The Result:
-$270,000 In Total Revenue Added
-$54k In MRR
"Working with you has single-handedly grown and kept my company alive. Working with you, we've gotten such a consistent lead flow. We've gotten so many opportunities and incredible clients. I can't even count how many clients we've gotten directly from your efforts" - Deepak

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What We Do

Maximizing Meetings With Your Ideal Customers

We'll fill your pipeline with many new meetings with your ideal prospects every month.

Offer Creation

We'll help you create a irresistible offer around your unique value proposition to get more interested prospects for your services.

Close More Deals Quickly

To help you scale, we'll optimize your entire sales process so that you can close more deals and at a faster rate.

About Us

We are a growth partner for all agencies.Initially we were only a pure lead generation agency, however after working with many people we realized that many agencies face additional problems with their sales process and marketing.By broadening our focus we're now focused on solving all of these problems for our clients.

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